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    Our level funded health plans are the perfect balance between flexibility, savings & reduced regulations.

    As an employer, level-funded insurance combines the cost savings & customization of self-funding with the financial safety and predictability of fully funded plans.

    Cost Savings

    This type of plan has the greatest chance for producing savings in the form of lower premiums and the potential for a return of claim reserves each year.

    Plan Customization

    Level funded and self-funded health plans also provide employers with far more flexibility in plan design.

    Freedom from Regulation

    Enjoy the benefit of not having the same regulatory requirements as traditional, fully insured plans.

    Why is our Level-Funded approach far superior to traditional insurance?

    It’s easy. Let us explain.

    Why Wellthly™?

    Your pain was our pain, and that matter’s to us.

    The premiums always went up. Always. And frankly the coverages sucked... Employees were always unhappy.

    Our founder and lead investor has experienced the pain of providing health benefits to his employees across nine different companies he has started over the years. The premiums always went up. Always. And frankly the coverages sucked. Employees were always unhappy, and he could never explain to them why the insurance company solution didn’t work. He was powerless and lacked control to help his employees or his company.

    After many conversations with medical and insurance professionals, actuaries, and experts in behavioral economics, he discovered a new model. The Wellthly model helps dramatically lower and control costs, streamline the bloated health benefits delivery model and improve you and your employees’ ability more effectively improve their wellness.

    Frequent Questions

    To make things easier for you, here are some things you may want to know.

    • Who is the insurance provider?

      It is a Third-Party Administrator. So, they are not actually an insurance company. The claims are paid from the "Claim fund." Then the plan is insured by a reinsurance company.

    • Why didn’t my doctor recognize the name of the insurance plans?

      These plans are becoming more popular as of recent and as traditional health plan premiums have skyrocketed. The plans take part in traditional PPO networks. There are several options to choose from in most states so you can find one that is like or the same as your current network.

    • Do we have access to a list of approved physicians?

      Yes, depending on what PPO network you choose you can visit their website to search for your current doctors. Some of our most popular PPO networks are below. First Health – MedCost – PHCS – CIGNA -

    • Do you offer individual plans for our employees to pick and choose what fits their families best?

      Yes, we offer several for all your employees to choose plans and products that fit them and their families best.

    • Do we have a list of prescription drugs and their tiers?

      Each pharmacy and provider is a little different, but most participate in the MedTrax network which is one of the largest in the country. Contact you pharmacy to see if they participate in this network.

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